The FTS Foundation


Our Purpose

Our Foundation’s mission is to help build our local communities in areas that would benefit most from grants, capital investment, and volunteerism.

Our Belief

Change starts with one. We believe that impact is ultimately a series of compounding events and whether micro or macro – every single thing count.

Our Focus Areas

Disaster & Hardship Relief

What we invest in:

  • Navigating hardship: Partnering closely with organizations to provide resources, medical assistance, temporary housing, unemployment.
  • Small business relief: Supporting the businesses that make up our local economy through hardship grants.
  • Rebuilding our communities: Rehabilitation projects, community volunteerism, resource allocation, etc.

Flourishing Communities

What we invest in:

  • Ending homelessness: Supporting rental assistance, general housing support, food support, food security, etc.
  • Job creation, workforce development & education: Economic support to local organizations that are creating and retaining jobs and upskilling talent within our local communities.
  • Community development: Investing in our community’s programming, beautification and physical infrastructure.
 2021 Project

Supporting local restaurants and bars through the COVID-19 crisis

With the launch of our Foundation, we wanted to focus on the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our local restaurant and service industries. We’re raising money with 100% proceeds going directly to local Rochester-owned restaurant/bars that were impacted the most by the pandemic. Under our belief of “every single thing counts,” our goal is to raise as much as possible between now and the end of September 2021 with funds deployed early October. Let’s make a difference together!  

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