About Our Home Building Division

The founding partners of Fast Tracking Solutions have over 37 years of consulting in home building and real estate. We have developed partnerships with most of the top 500 Builders in the US and Canada. Our team of professionals features consultants whose depth of operational and search experience allows us to deliver the highest caliber of advice and service to our clients in this industry.

Our Experience

Our Executive Recruiters employ their knowledge, experience and sound methodologies to address internal and external issues that are preventing your company from obtaining the success you envision.

Our Network

Fast Tracking Solutions serves a broad-spectrum of today’s Home Building industry. Our homebuilding clients range from $15 million to $2 billion in revenue, geographically spread across North America.

Our Results

Our firsthand experience creates a unique position to deliver unparalleled results. Our vision is to be the “Go To” recruiter for 50% of homebuilders across North America. We offer the best talent within the shortest timeframe; many placements can be done in as little as 8 days.